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Call Routing

We provide you with a suite of intelligent routing options so you can automatically send your calls to the correct location. By creating a customized phone menu, you'll simplify your call handling process and dramatically decrease the amount of time you transfer calls and leave callers waiting on hold.

Auto Attendant

Answer incoming calls with a preset greeting, which asks callers to choose a numeric option from an interactive phone menu. With Simple Menu Routing/Auto Attendant, the caller dials the routed toll-free number (TFN). A preset greeting is played, which prompts the caller to choose a numeric option from the menu. The caller makes their selection and is routed to the appropriate location. Simple Menu Routing involves one TFN with one or more layers of routing (single layer routing and multiple layer routing, respectively).

ZIP Code Routing

Prompt callers to enter their five-digit ZIP code and redirect them to your closest business location. If ZIP Code Routing is activated, the caller is prompted to enter their five-digit ZIP code when they dial the advertised TFN, which is associated with a company/business location in a particular region. Upon entering their ZIP code, the caller is redirected to the location closest to them.

Area Code Routing

Automatically route calls to the correct business location based on the caller's area code. Area Code Routing uses automatic number identification (ANI) to identify the incoming telephone number to seamlessly direct calls to the correct location. Essentially, the caller does not have to manually supply any information in order to be directed to the closest company location.

Time-of-Day Routing

Customize where you would like to route calls during specific dates and times, such as during office hours, weekends and holidays. Time-of-Day Call Routing redirects calls based on an automated schedule rather than on a menu selection. At the time or on the day determined by you, calls are redirected to another number.

Round Robin Routing

Distribute calls evenly among store locations or sales representatives. Round Robin Call Routing distributes calls evenly among multiple numbers. For example, if your business has three stores or locations that are sharing inbound calls equally, then Call 1 will be routed to Store 1, Call 2 will be routed to Store 2, Call 3 will be routed to Store 3, and Call 4 will be routed back to Store 1. This loop will continue as the routed TFN continues to receive calls. This type of call routing can also be used with individual agents so that leads are distributed evenly to each agent in the system.

Pullback Routing

Pull unanswered calls back and redirect them to another location. Pullback Call Routing pulls unanswered calls back and redirects them to a predetermined end point. The caller dials the routed TFN, a preset greeting is played and then the call is distributed to the designated number.

Caller-Entered Data Call Routing

Have callers enter an extension, promotional code or any predetermined data set to reach the correct destination. Caller-Entered Data Call Routing requires callers to enter any data set determined by you in order to reach the correct location or person.

Custom Call Routing

Give callers multiple menus to choose from to reach the appropriate person by layering two or more types of call routing. For example, you may choose Area Code Call Routing as your first layer of routing so the caller is automatically routed based on their area code and prefix. Then you may choose to use Simple Menu Routing as your second layer of routing, giving the caller the option to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.

With automated call routing, you can improve customer service and reduce missed calls.

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