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Outbound Call Tracking

Outbound Call Tracking benefits your business by measuring sales force productivity, tracking which leads are being followed up on and when and capturing the results of each outbound call completed. All calls are automatically screened against the Do Not Call (DNC) list so you can be sure you are contacting someone legally.

Outbound Call Tracking provides you with an end-to-end lead identification solution. We enable you to utilize unique toll-free numbers (TFNs) solely dedicated to tracking outbound contact with your customers and prospects.

Outbound Call Tracking

TFNs allow you to see exactly which leads are being followed up on and when. In addition, all calls will automatically be screened against the federal DNC registry as well as your company-specific DNC lists. Outbound Call Tracking complements your entire sales process and encourages greater productivity from your staff.

The benefits of outbound call tracking include:

  • Complete portability from office, home and cellphones
  • Measurement of staff productivity and maintenance of service level standards
  • Automatic screening of numbers against the federal DNC list and your company-specific DNC lists
  • Record of the reason for or result of each outbound call
  • Ability to synchronize data with many lead management systems
  • Use of Call Safe to remain compliant with DNC regulations and avoid potential fines

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