Who's Calling: The Power of Call Measuremen


RECOGNIZE uses intelligent speech-recognition technology to analyze inbound and outbound call recordings for the keywords you want to track.

Call handling is a critical factor in successfully maintaining satisfied customers and generating new leads. You need to know that your staff are handling each opportunity professionally and efficiently. So how can you tell if your calls are being handled effectively and that your staff is selling in the right way?


This tool can be used to identify successful marketing campaigns, hot leads, references to direct competition and more. With RECOGNIZE, you can optimize your call evaluation process. Our industry-leading technology follows three simple steps that return vital marketing information for your business to use on future campaigns:

  • Step 1

    You select and set up your predefined keywords.
  • Step 2

    Our intelligent speech-recognition technology analyzes inbound and outbound call recordings for the keywords you selected. The results of the recognition process are scanned for your predefined keywords in near real time.
  • Step 3

    The results are displayed in an easy-to-view report where you can efficiently select and listen to the recordings. Keywords tagged in each call can be viewed by simply moving the cursor over the “Keyword Match” section of the Inbound and Outbound Call Detail reports.

Competitive Edge

With near real-time identification of predefined call content, you can:

  • Address issues faster
  • Provide better quality service
  • Execute consistent sales drives and marketing plans
  • Increase sales volume and revenue

How It Works

  • Calls matched to keywords are highlighted and can be selected for review.
  • Each recording is saved in an MP3 format and can be easily sent to additional management personnel for immediate review and action.

Sales Features

  • Ensure that sales staff are properly upselling.
  • Identify successful marketing campaigns.
  • Catch references to direct competition.
  • Capture hot leads.

Service Features

  • Identify unhappy customers.
  • Flag legal terms.
  • Reinforce quality customer service.
  • Capture potential add-on business.

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