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Whether you’re a sales agent or a manager, our updated app will help you follow up on lost leads, review call activity and manage calls while you’re on the go.

Some of our new features will allow you to:

  • View lists of recent calls within the mobile app for a selected campaign group.
  • Use the Click To Call feature to rescue missed opportunities.
  • Listen to call recordings.
  • Update names and address details for callers.
  • Add notes to recent calls.
  • View recent call history and note activity for each caller.
  • Receive a push notification if a call is missed within or after business hours.
  • Review reports, including total missed calls per campaign and total missed and after hours calls.

To get started, download the new app and contact our support team to enable your Who’s Calling account for mobile access.

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Check out the new REACT

The more phone calls you have, the higher your odds of converting prospects into customers and keeping customers satisfied.

With the improved REACT desktop app, you can now fully manage your missed sales opportunities on your desktop. Some of the new features include the following:

  • Use Click To Call on each rescued call.
  • Assign missed opportunities to specific agents to handle.
  • Close RESCUEs that have been called back.
  • Sync caller information in the RESCUE mobile app with REACT.
  • The reports available in the mobile app (Overall Totals, Pending Results, etc.) can also be viewed within REACT.
  • Filter RESCUEd calls from the RESCUE tab in REACT so you can easily find certain callers.

To download REACT, simply log in to your Who’s Calling account and follow the prompts.

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