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Client Testimonial — John Eagle Honda

John Eagle Honda

John Eagle Honda in Dallas knows about the value of customer loyalty. They also know about the high costs of traditional marketing tactics such as direct mail. So John Eagle Honda chose Who's Calling Email Advantage to stay connected with their customer base. Instead of using expensive direct mailings to spread the word about special offers or discounts, John Eagle Honda relies on email for targeted campaigns that generate measurable returns.

“Email Advantage is quicker, more cost-effective and more flexible than regular mail. We also use it to measure how well each department collects new email addresses and to follow up with our customers.”
John Ingram, Managing Partner John Eagle Honda, Dallas, TX


Market aggressively and effectively to an existing customer base without spending a huge amount of money.


Email Advantage enables John Eagle Honda to maintain an ongoing dialogue with their customers without being overbearing or bothersome. The dealership leverages the flexibility, speed and low cost of email to mount a variety of highly successful marketing campaigns throughout the year.


John Eagle Honda enjoys better returns on their marketing dollars, higher levels of customer loyalty and improved sales. There's also a greater sense of individual accountability, since email messaging is so easy to track and measure.

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